Automated, Customer-Centric PPP Loan Application and Forgiveness

Financial institutions like you are providing a lifeline for your community, ensuring cash flow for businesses and care for your customers.

SBA @Epic River is the ideal solution for lenders because our ID verification process and borrower information workflow meets the stringent requirements of the SBA for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans without sacrificing borrower experience.

The Platform @Epic River facilitates all phases of the PPP loans including origination, closing, and forgiveness:

  • Loan Application 
    • Self-service borrower portal for easy walk-through & completion of PPP Application Forms including:

      • First Draw Loan Applications (2483)
      • Second Draw Loan Applications (2483-SD)
    • Lender review and approval
    • Streamlined completion of lender forms including:

      • 2484

      • 2484-SD

  • Closing Documentation

    • Fusion LaserPro SBA integration for document preparation
    • Pre-populated documents with data collected through the Loan Application 


  • Loan Forgiveness  
    • Self-service borrower portal for easy walk-through of PPP Forgiveness Application Forms including:
      • 3508
      • 3508EZ
      • 3508S
    • Pre-populated documents with data collected through the Loan Application
    • Lender review and approval 

Each phase of the PPP process will leverage the Platform @Epic River for a streamlined and automated process:

  • Fully automated, bi-directional integration with the SBA
  • Intelligent document preparation 

  • Automated request and storage of supporting documentation

  • E-sign documents via ProSign Online

  • Loan presentation for legal review and diligence

  • Secure long-term storage of PPP loan package

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"Epic River really seemed to focus all their efforts and deploy all their
resources to help customers in any way they could. Thank you for all
you did to support us during these uncertain times."

-Bryan Wilken, CIO, Bank Midwest