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Patient Financing Solution | Patient Financing Program

Providing relief from the ever-mounting patient pay crisis

Epic River's innovative program utilizes local banks and credit unions with available capital to aid this crisis in their community. Providers experience improved cash flow and peace of mind from their patients receiving custom, flexible, and affordable payment options from a local partner.

Allowing providers to get back to what they do best - caring for patients.


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Why It Works:

No cost to provider 

Helping ease the financial burden on your patients shouldn't come at such a steep cost. Our program is truly no cost to the provider - no discounts, no fees, no capital outlay. 

100% patient approval with no credit check

Patients' inability to pay their medical bills is only increasing with the rise in high deductible plans. The majority of the patients seeking assistance have poor or no credit history making most financing options inaccessible. Epic River approves 100% of patients and allows for payment terms that lead to collection success 95%+ of the time. 

Paid upfront and in-full

Healthcare providers receive full payment within two business days, drastically accelerating cash-flow and decreasing Accounts Receivable (AR) Days.

Custom solution to fit your payment policy 

Currently offer zero-percent plans to patients? Our custom solution allows you to specify custom terms and interest options. 

Leverage banks' and credit unions' collection success

The unfortunate truth is patients rank medical bills at the bottom of their payment hierarchy. However, they rank banks and credit unions at the top.  

Offload payment and statement processing

Since patients became one of the largest payers, healthcare providers have done everything they can to decrease this new burden on patients, including acting as a lender. It's time for healthcare providers to get back to what they do best - care for patients, and allow banks and credit unions to offer financing as they have been doing for decades. 

Improve the financial well-being of your community 

Together with Epic River and a local bank or credit union, healthcare providers can extend the Do No Harm portion of the Hippocratic Oath to patients' financial well-being. 



"Since transitioning our internal payment plans, we have lowered our DAR by 8-10 days."

Ann Wyatt, CPC, AR Specialist at Telluride Regional Medical Center



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