get paid now on all patient balances 

No fine print. Receive 100% of patient responsibility upfront at no cost. All patients qualify. 

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It's time to extend DO NO HARM  to patients' wallets

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The Problem

Patients are now the largest payers to healthcare providers, just behind the federal government. While this shift has happened nationwide, patients have no ability to cover these new expenses.
2018 InstaMed Trends in Healthcare Payments Report

467% Increase Payment Plans

From 2015-2018, the number of payment plans increased by 467%.
2018 InstaMed Trends in Healthcare Payments Report

85% have a deductible

In 2018, 85% of covered workers have a deductible.
55% patient responsibility never collected (NAHAM)

55%  never collected

55% of patient responsibility is never collected by the healthcare provider.
Healthcare Billing Solution | Medical Financing Solutions

Healthcare Providers

No-cost patient financing solution where every patient qualifies and the healthcare provider receives 100% immediate funding


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Patient Financing | Patient Financing Solutions

Empowered Patients

Empowering patients to pay off healthcare bills by selecting a monthly payment that actually fits in their budget, with a 100% approval rate and no credit check


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Healthcare Finance Loan | Loans For Healthcare

Banks Credit Unions

Utilizing community banks' and credit unions' low cost of capital to offer a patient financing solution that does not further harm the financial well-being of the community


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